That space where nothing fits - consider it filled.

Industriale custom made furniture is made for you. 


Our custom furniture design service is the perfect antidote to mass market interior style. Each piece of furniture is individually designed for you, and made by talented craftspeople across Western Australia. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you just know you need something but can't quite envisage it, we can help. 

Here are the options:


Pretty much what it says in the title! We work with you to design and manufacture a unique piece of industrial-inspired furniture. We use 'furniture' a bit loosely here ... think anything from bookshelves to barn doors, dining and outdoor tables, counter fronts and lighting. The price you're quoted includes our fees, so there are no surprises. 


Got an old faithful piece that's looking a little more old and a little less faithful? We'd love to help! We've turned table tops in to bookshelves, machinery bases in to tables, and a whole lot more. Think of it as upcycled furniture, with more welding and less chalk paint. 


Need a starting point? Our existing table bases can be customised to your dimensions. This is a great option for folks who want to re-use an existing table top. We've created table bases that happily support three-metre timber slabs, concrete, engineered stone, and glass. There's (almost) nothing we can't do! 


Time poor? Need a makeover with minimal fuss? Enter: The Full Service

We can design and build your shelves, and fill them too!


Think of the full service as an extreme makeover, except with less plastic surgery and more retention of character and charm. It's a great option for home owners who want to inject a bit of the old in to their brand new build, and for businesses that want to refresh or rebrand their premises while retaining an air of authenticity.

The benefit of our Full Service is that no detail is too small. Say your cafe needs ten tables, but also a little rack for menus - no worries, we can build all that from scratch. Or maybe your home would benefit from wall-to-wall shelving, and you'd like us to go through your Pop's old shed and clean up the best collectibles for display on it. That's fantastic; no job is too big or small for the full service. 

What to expect: Major inspiration in the form of Pinterest boards (or PDFs) for every room, detailed specification of furniture and decor, access to the skills of all our best creative maker friends, coordination with your chosen trades people, vintage sourcing, access to our special trade pricing warehousing, delivery and logistics, and installation. Tired? We're not! We'll do whatever needs doing to make your interior sing! 


Let's face it, you've already got good taste!

We can show you how to use it to its full effect


Helping Hands is perfect for people who know their room has room to improve (pardon the pun), but don't want it to feel too 'done' by someone else. If you identify with these statements, you might like a helping hand with your interior:

  • I know what colours or styles I like, but somehow they don't go together when I get them home.
  • I keep ending up with sofas too big for my room, or I choose cool art but it just kinda gets lost on the wall. And somehow these chairs just don't feel right with this table...
  • I pin vintage industrial things on Pinterest, but end up buying new knock-offs because I can't find them out in the real world. I want to know where to look, and what to look for to make sure I'm getting the real thing.
  • I've just moved house and for some reason my old stuff just doesn't work here - but I love it and want to keep (most of) it.
  • I love the mood boards you see in magazines, but they never fit my style! 

What to expect: An approach that focuses on genuine love of a style, not shoehorning you in to the latest trends. Help to understand the proportions of your room, and the sizes, types, and colours of furniture and decor that suit it. An explanation of what works, as well as why it works (AKA the elements and principles of design), so you can use our guidance as a template for future rooms. Recommendations for retailers, makers, and specific products that have what you need or can make it for you. Identification of candidates for transformation - couches recovered, furniture painted, etc.