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Minimalist design


Industriale is a furniture design studio based in Perth, WA. We create minimalist styles using industrial materials. We endeavour to have minimal environmental impact, so our range is made from recycled material, or is itself recyclable. 

From our showroom in Inglewood, you can view and order from our furniture range.

We also offer a curated range of made-in-WA home decor and gift items, art works, and selected vintage pieces. 

Find us upstairs at 14/872 Beaufort St Inglewood, opposite La Luna.

Winter Hours: 10 - 4 Thursday - Sunday, or by appointment. 

Phone 0438 002 056  // E,mail 

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Q. Where is Industriale furniture produced?

Everything is made right here in Perth.

Q. What turnaround time can I expect? 

Please allow four weeks for your furniture to be custom made. This includes production of custom-sized steel components, fabrication, and powder coating. 

Longer lead times may apply for large orders or for more complex designs. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any concerns or a specific deadline. 

Q. Can I use my Industriale furniture outdoors?

Yes. Steel and aluminium are  under coated and then powder coated for durability.

Be aware that some table tops might not withstand outdoor use, and consider this when making your selection. 


Q. I already have a table top, will Industriale table bases work with it? Timber, concrete, glass, stone... 

Most designs can be adapted to suit most table top materials. Just make sure to get in touch before you order. Some materials, like marble and composite stone, can only span certain distances and may not be suitable for use with all table bases. Others are very heavy and may need additional support. We're happy to visit you to see your individual circumstances. 


Q. Do you supply table tops?

No, but we are pleased to refer you to local makers who can supply them in various materials. These makers work with us regularly and we work together to coordinate your project. If you intend to have a table top made from marble, stone, or concrete, please contact us to discuss these particular requirements. 


Q. I see size ranges listed in the store - how does that work?

Our furniture is made to order according to your specifications. To simplify pricing, it is priced within a range of commonly chosen dimensions. If you'd like something outside the dimensions supplied, please contact us.


Q. How do I choose the correct dimensions?

A good starting place is with your existing furniture. For example:

- Chairs are typically 300mm lower than table tops. If your dining chairs are 440mm high, your table should be around 740mm. (Some tables are up to 780mm high, some chairs as low as 380. It pays to check!)

- How many people will your dining table seat on a regular basis? A starting point for a six seater table is roughly 185 x 75cm, with two people at each long side and one on each end. 

- Will your furniture fit in to your room, allowing space to move around it? Consider the impact of table leg shape on this. (For example, Iron Butterfly meets at quite a narrow point, and to accommodate your particular chairs you may need a longer overhang of timber).  It can be useful to lay out a masking tape table top on the floor, and put chairs around it to test.

Please visit the store in Inglewood, and we will happily help you test sizing and usability. Most of our components are laser cut to the millimetre, and we are happy to make adjustments. 


Q. What is your returns policy? 

In the extremely rare event that your furniture is somehow defective or different in size from what was quoted in writing, we will replace or refund it.  (Please allow up to 3mm in variation, as pieces are hand-made. Variation is usually much less than this, though).  

If you believe the item to be defective, please remove the item from use immediately, advise us in writing of the issue (email),  and take photographs to document the defect where applicable.

* Please note that we do not guarantee against defects arising from misuse, e.g. standing on table tops. Furniture should be handled gently and supported when moved. Table bases with attached tops should be lifted by the steel base, not by the table top. 

We do not accept returns under other circumstances. Please choose your furniture dimensions carefully. We encourage you to visit the store and see the furniture in person, especially in the case of our less conventional designs.