lead time for new orders: feb 2018 + +

Commission for Geoff - ready to go

Commission for Tania and Adam - in progress

Commissions for Bert - ongoing... 

NEW! Transformation service

It upsets me to think that people are throwing out furniture that is structurally sound. So this is a special type of commission for people who have existing furniture they'd like to see transformed - no chalk paint involved. We spend lots of time thrashing out a concept, agree agree on a time frame, then I make it happen. Drop me a line to get started.

About commissions

Industriale is pleased to invite commissions for custom-made furniture.

In general, commissions must be:

  • Original: not copies of furniture made by other companies. 
  • Realistic: in both scope, time frame and budget. I don't do rush jobs.
  • Creative: have some facet that allows me creative expression. Perhaps we can work together to design your piece, or you trust me to choose timber or a colour for finishing. If you are simply after a steel fabricator to turn out your own design, I can refer you to businesses that are set up for that purpose. 


This is by far the most common form of commission I receive. Given the sheer variety of customisation available, your table base will be cut and welded as it's ordered - there is no stock room in which I keep (for example) butterfly legs in 5mm height increments. This means that pieces take on average 3 - 4 weeks for production, depending on the work flow of my suppliers and myself. If you need to meet a specific deadline, please mention it before placing your order. 

For further information, please contact me.