Table tops

Though my preferred materials are industrial, my aesthetic is much more organic. The hard lines of my table bases are offset by timber that's decidedly more curvaceous, reflecting natural processes like weathering and erosion. I've even been known to preserve beautifully destroyed surfaces under a smooth coat of resin. (Why do I do things this way? Read more about it in the About page). 

In 2018 I'm debuting two new timber finishes: Pebble is inspired by the imprints made by stones in sand, crushed iron ore, and shell middens. It's a subtle finish on table tops and rather more pronounced on seating. Ripple reflects the sparkle of light on water, and the layers of salt drying in ponds. It's a finish that features flowing, undulating lines that also looks great as decorative wall panels. 

When you commission an Industriale table, you're open to trusting my creative process in terms of the timber finishing. For example, If you're looking for something in the Ripple finish, I'll work with the natural lines of the timber, the feel of the wood, and what looks 'right' for your table. I won't make something unuseable - no deep chasms, nothing that you can't sit a wine glass on - but I will take the creative liberties that are implied by your asking me, in particular, to make your table. You might like to check out some of what's currently available, first. 

If you prefer a table top that's more traditional, I've got that covered too. I collaborate with Rainey Wood Works and Concrete Studio, for timber and concrete table tops respectively. Mention your preferred surface when you request a quote, and I'll liase with them on your behalf. 

<3 Shannon

PS -  Concrete, marble,  engineered stone, and glass table tops may have specific requirements in terms of their weight or ability to cover spans unsupported. If you're ordering a table base only, I'll check with you about the top you intend to put on it. 

Above: Pebble coffee table, concrete by Concrete Studio, sleek golden vic ash timber, by Rainey Wood Works, a really pronounced all-over pebble bench seat, and a ripple table.