Custom Made

Industrial Furniture

 Perth WA



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What We Do

Industriale creates custom made industrial furniture homes and businesses across Perth and beyond. 

We design in-house and engage local fabricators to bring our designs to life. 

As the name suggests, we're in love with industrial style: from vintage cast iron to modern rammed concrete, and everything in between! 

Who We Work With

Whether you're a restaurant looking for 10 tables or a private client looking for one, we can take care of you. See some examples here.


Custom Made Table Legs

We offer a range of custom-made table bases; you can adapt one of our existing designs or we can create something totally unique just for you! 

Each table base is individually made to your specifications, and can be powder coated in a wide variety of colours and finishes. We're yet to find a table top too large or too heavy for our bases to support. 

We also do kitchen islands, bookshelves, barn doors, and coffee table bases.  Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a hand to nut it out, we can help you make something special! 


Furniture Design and Manufacture

Our custom furniture design service is the perfect antidote to mass market interior style. 

Each piece of furniture is individually designed for you, and made by talented craftspeople across Western Australia. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you just know you need something but can't quite envisage it, we can help. 

Here are the options:


Pretty much what it says in the title! We work with you to design and manufacture a unique piece of industrial-inspired furniture. We use 'furniture' a bit loosely here ... think anything from bookshelves to barn doors, dining and outdoor tables, counter fronts and lighting. The price you're quoted includes our fees, manufacturing, and powder coating, so there are no surprises. 


Got an old faithful piece that's looking a little more old and a little less faithful? We'd love to help! We've turned table tops in to bookshelves, machinery bases in to tables, and a whole lot more. If you'd like to reuse an existing table top, we're very happy to create a base for it - just ask! 


Need a starting point? Our existing table bases can be customised to your dimensions. This is a great option for folks who want to reuse an existing table top. We've created table bases that happily support three-metre timber slabs, concrete, engineered stone, and glass. There's (almost) nothing we can't do!