Price guide for Vintage Smalls

Whether you’ve engaged Industriale for vintage sourcing or you’re out to do the leg work yourself, you need to know what to expect. So here’s a rough guide to what you'll pay for a range of vintage smalls. (Have we missed something that interests you? Drop us a line and we'll add it!)

As a rule, expect to pay less from a salvage yard or Facebook seller, and more from a business who trades in such things. The benefit of shopping from businesses, however, is that you save a lot of leg work!

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Glass insulators from power poles start at around $5 for clear, green, or amber glass, and for white and beige ceramic. Rarer colours like purple can be up to $12.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes can start at $10 for something smaller and plain, up to hundreds for large vintage items with great detailing. Beware of new tool boxes that have simply been beaten up a bit. Look for layers of chippy paint, bakelite handles (not plastic), and interesting catches and hinges.


Small glass bottles retail for $1 - $3 each, depending on size, colour, and condition. If the shop is displaying them with dirt inside, it’s possible that the dirt will never come out! Larger bottles, and bottles that are rare or feature interesting branding, might go upwards to $30.


Enamelled food tins are increasingly rare, as they were thrown out back in the day. Look for labels that are painted directly on to the metal and which show signs of age. Beware of re-issued tins for brands like Weet Bix or Arnotts. A good way to check age is by looking for a bar code, which didn’t exist prior to the technology for scanning it. Expect to pay $5 - $80 for rare examples.


Vintage tools can command good prices if they’re the right brand and pre-metric. For ‘any old thing’, expect to pay $2 - $5 per piece. For tools with branding like Snail, or for specialist tools made for particular engines, you are looking at more like $30. Many tools have intrinsic interest for their shape or materials, and those you should purchase based on love and not branding!


A great example of a locker will generally set you back around $100 per door, but they can be had on Gumtree for cheaper if you’re prepared to spend the time looking. Beware of modern lockers that are just repainted to look old – make sure you’re getting what you pay for.