Colour Scheme: L + K's Place

Back in 2017 we were commissioned to make this dining table and bench seat for some lovely clients in Trigg. We re-used the clients' existing dining table top, which their kids had over the years engraved with little doodles and sketches. It's a nice way of tying in the newly-renovated kitchen/dining/lounge area with the story of the home. 

Anyway, on to the colour scheme! 


What we have here is a coastal property with neutral flooring and walls. I'm obliged to tell you that at this point the build was only newly completed, and no decorating done. Still, you can see the terracotta tones of the timber reflected in a very subtle stripe on the blanket over the couch. 

So what additions to make to this blank canvas, and in what colours? I'd reference the timber with splashes of orange, brown, and terracotta, and then contrast with with greens and blues from the opposite side of the colour wheel. This could be in the form of potted plants (seen below), treasured items from the couple's travels, or framed art works (either a gallery or one large abstract piece on the right hand wall). The room can handle texture, so elements like recycled timber plant stands would add warmth. The key, though, is lots of white space, and to give the room personality without having it become cluttered.