The difference a colour scheme makes to your interior design

Do you prefer bright and bold, or soft and calming? There are many options in between of course, but here are two polar opposite interiors created with in the same virtual shell. 

First up, we've mixed classic industrial styles (the A trestle table, the black legs, the raw timber and metal) with the luxe velvet and metallic finishes that are currently in favour. Here, the white walls allow the bold greens and oranges to really stand out. This design started with the painting and table at the back, and I used those colours in the furniture and small furnishings. The whole thing is anchored or toned down with black, in the form of table bases and that globe. A rustic metal side table is sealed in gloss, bridging the luxe / industrial divide. 

Second, we have a space that's much more subdued. Here, raw metals and rust tones are mixed with raw timbers and handmade touches. The overall scheme is calming, the sort of thing you'd find in a rather nice day spa. (I'm sure the tray of fruit is just off screen). The hard metals contrast with the soft, over-plump furniture. This room feels restful and relaxing, the sort of space where you can put your feet up. (Don't be afraid to do this on your white sofa, white can be bleached clean!)

All this goes to show two things:

1) Your space can be anything, if you commit to it 

2) There's no need to commit to just one aesthetic. 'Industrial theme' or 'hollywood regency' or 'scandi' alone is boring and contrived, it's when you mix it with other elements that things really start to shine.