Are you a vintage collector? Here's a tip for styling your collection.

Industrialites who have known me a while will know that I have this thing with coloured glass. Marbles, bottles, you name it, I want it. If you feel the same way, you'll want to check out Jesse Lauzon on Instagram. His collection of Jadeite tableware must rival Martha Stewart's. 

(Why do I know that Martha Stewart has a collection of Jadeite? I was googling 'that shade of green that I love' and kind of went down a rabbit hole. There's more on Pinterest if you love that shade too!)


The way that Jesse and Martha style their vintage collections is instructive for the rest of us. Instead of sprinkling a piece here, a piece there, they've gone for a whole mass of Jadeite, all lumped together. This relates back to a general principle that I always harp on about: small objects, especially inexpensive ones, look best when displayed en masse. One or two jadeite teacups (or vintage brooms, or antique hammers) is not much on its own, but the whole lot together becomes something special.

Take a look at my Collections board on Pinterest for ideas on how to make a stunning display of anything from clothes pegs to cameras!