Grand Designs for a bushfire prone area

I've been catching up with Grand Designs of late, and boy, did this place Callignee 2 make my jaw drop! This home, built (rebuilt) in the aftermath of Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires, ticks pretty much every design box for me. It's environmentally sensitive, pretty much fire proof, and constructed from recycled timber and corten steel. (The image you're seeing in the preview of this post is Perth's own corten masterpiece, Yagan Square).

Being that Callignee 2 is in Victoria, I don't have any photos of my own to share with you. Though it's now available as an Air B'n'B, so maybe that will change? Hint Hint.  So here instead are some more articles about the place, assuming that you've watched the Grand Designs episode and want to keep bingeing on visuals of the place. 

From the house's sale in 2017

Story on Complete Home

Do you know what I love most about this build? The integrity of the interior and its cohesion with the overall style of the building. The recycled timber elements (the bathroom vanity and dining table in particular) still look recycled, they've not been remilled to within an inch of their lives. The materials are authentic, and there's no laminate to be seen. Heaven!